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How to Curate the Perfect Bar-cart

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How to Curate the Perfect Bar-cart

A trend very much at the forefront of boutique living is the revival of home entertainment. This may be through the use of better technology or social settings throughout the house?

When deciding what my ideal space would look like, I had to decide where I liked being the most? My imagination ran wild as I thought of all the different styles and interior spaces I had experienced. I then decided that I would create a home that had the simplicity and glamour of a hotel room. The one signature of a hotel room is often the humble bar-cart, so I set about buying all the little pieces to make my home feel a little more chic.

I sourced the vintage 1960s, 2 tiered cart from EBay for less than £60 and added a mixture of vintage ice-buckets, biscuit barrels and champagne glasses. It’s so effective and I went for one on wheels that can be manoeuvred to the bedroom, in case I ever decide to have a douvet day!

Vintage Moet Ice Bucket;

Gold Glass Champagne Flutes;

(All other accessories were vintage pieces sourced from Ebay or Covent Garden Antique Market London – Mondays 10:00am-5:00pm)

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