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Shady Beauty Basics For A Steal!

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Shady Beauty Basics For A Steal!

When it comes to makeup basics I liken them to sanitary products, which means essentially I hate spending a lot on them! Coming under this category is mascara, nail varnish, kohl liner pencils and foundation. This is because once you find what works, you just need to stock-pile until your brand of choice discontinues your favourite shade! Yes they do this a lot and it’s really annoying? So over the years I managed to find really affordable makeup that I could fill my cupboards with without feeling guilty!

Two great brands that I am currently buying are Flashmob mascaras that come in a pack of 3 available at These volumizing, definition and super flirt mascaras are super basic but as I am a perennial wearer of false lashes, it’s hardly worth investing in expensive wands, so these are just perfect at £6.66 a pack!

Next Gabrini multi vitamin nail varnishes come in almost every colour under the Sun and with 3 coats and a top coat, last around 2 days longer than the average Chanel nail lacquer for 20 x the price! They come in really cool colours, so you can change your mind on a whim for a shady £1 available at PAKs Cosmetics Stores across London.

Flashmob Mascaras;

Pink shopper bag Sophie Hulme, bag strap Valentino.

Pink python skin clutch bag Diane Von Furstenberg.


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