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Turmeric The Super Spice?

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Turmeric The Super Spice?

Some say life begins at 40 and I am very much a believer but what’s strange about me, is that I haven’t really aged? I often come under scrutiny as people question my real age; still get asked for identification when I attempt to buy wine at the supermarket and dating is a minefield for me and a mind-fuck for men! Yes I was born in the 70s but I look 25?

Now they say you are what you eat and I have been a fussy eater for life, so I am very careful what passes my lips. However, one thing that I have been adding to everything from pasta, rice, scrambled egg and even vegetables for at least 15 years is turmeric. A root from the ginger family, this is more because I enjoy the taste but the benefits have been noted for centuries. Studies have shown that this dusty unassuming spice may actually improves your bodies anti-oxidant capacity, possibly be anti-inflammatory, healing, brain boosting, skin soothing, radiating and illuminating.

Until these claims are concrete, I will continue to live in hope and will continue to live my best life, wrinkle free and on a diet of turmeric with everything!

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