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Burberry The Brand Of The Hooligan?

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Burberry The Brand Of The Hooligan?

When Caroline Flack donned her classic Burberry scarf on the front cover of today’s newspapers, the creative team at Burberry probably lost their Shit! Since Burberry has spent the past decade reinventing themselves as the Uber-cool heritage brand of choice, they had finally shaken off their long-standing association with the football-yob culture of the 90s.

Fast forward to December 18th 2019 and Ex flame of Prince Harry and Harry Styles fame, UK TV presenter and ITV darling Caroline Flack, has resigned from her job at Love Island amid a domestic incident at her home. With all the flair of a 90s tabloid tottie, she strolled merrily through the street in Burberry’s sacred shroud. The incident in question resulted in her being arrested for an assault on her partner; her style mantra was clear… all will be okay, if I rock a classic Burberry scarf and strut!

In an article featured on the Daily Mail website in August 2018 journalist Siofra Brennan claimed the brand had shaken off it’s ‘chav-check’ reputation due to clever marketing and product placement. Today’s image may have set them back a few years, albeit also inflaming the notion that attacking ones partner, then head-held-high, wearing Burberry, was a thing?

If you have any last minute gifts to buy for Christmas, remind yourself that Burberry have a long running history, as the original outdoors attire brand founded in 1856; were the standard issue brand for officers in WW1 and may forever oscillate between all that is good and all that is bad about Blighty!

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