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5 For £5! A Savers Guide To Beauty

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5 For £5! A Savers Guide To Beauty

After a bout of ingrown hairs, I decided to start stripping. Not the Cardi B kind, i’m talking the box strip kind of stripping. I then tried waxing my bikini line with body strips but the awkward angle made it a fucking nightmare! A little nervous, I took to the streets and found a good salon who were happy to de-fuzz my lady-garden for £25.

After half an hour of what felt like yoga moves and jiu jitsu, I was so embarrassed at what my beautician had had to go through, that I tipped her £5 and ran out sharpish. Obviously £25 is the going rate but salons providing this service can charge as much as £70 and for skin treatments thrown in, that figure can jump to £125 for a Brazilian or Hollywood. It’s a lot for a fuzz-free-fanny?

This got me thinking about the necessities. Those things that we all need to feel fresh and ready for the day. I put together my top 5 products that I use every day, all for only £1 with great results, leaving my skin looking and feeling amazing.

1; Nivea Cream £1. I have the driest skin this side of the Sahara and need a lot of protection. This product keeps my skin feeling soft with a healthy looking glow which lasts all day.

2; Johnson’s Baby oil £1. The first thing I use to lock in moisture after a shower. This also doubles up as a great massage oil, if you’re in the mood for some self-care or sexy fun…external use only! 😉

My secret tip is to put a finger dollop of Nivea cream into the your palm of your hand then add a tiny drop of baby oil. This make the Nivea easier to spread and also makes the skin feel less oily.

3; Primark’s 96% Natural Organic Vegan Cleansing Wipes £1. These come in packs of 2, are cooling, glide across the skin and make your skin feel instantly clean. I have been using Primark face wipes at night for around 4 years now, my skin looks clear and I never, EVER get spots. A benefit is that they are also cruelty free so not tested on animals.

4; Sainsburys MY SKIN MATTERS On-The-Go Hand Cream £1; The Corona outbreak left supermarket shelves swinging but one thing that was left was this little gem. I bought the last 3 and gave one to a college who was using hand sanitizer like nobody’s business. She was amazed by how silky but not sticky this product was. It not only hydrates but the shea butter is great for your nails too. A-MAZ-ING!

5; Nair Hair Remover Facial Wax Strips £1. Great for random hairs that just pop up on your face. These strips also contain camomile extracts which leave the skin looking less sore after you’ve been stripping 😜

Enjoy x

Image; Celine Macadam Brown Canvas Vintage Crossbody Bag, St Albans Loch Maree Mohair Throw (Link below)

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