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Always Buy An Archive Piece

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Always Buy An Archive Piece

When it comes to designer, heritage or mid-range brands it’s important to always buy the classics that never date. When I say this I mean the pieces that are pared down and hark back to the original design, logo or print. This is because it doesn’t matter who the brand hires as the creative director or which direction they choose to go in for a couple of seasons, ultimately they will always go back to their original identity.

When buying high priced items, always look to purchase the simple pieces with simple logos or emblems as these items will hold their value. This means being savvy; none of that trendy shit, none of that seasonal cruise collection that you’ll want to bin as soon as summer is over; buy subtle and invest in simplicity.

This style tip will ensure you never buy something that is a waste of money or something you will hate the season after you’ve bought it.

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I am passionate about fashion and passionate about life. My blog will teach you little hints and tips on Life, luxury goods and how to shop on a budget.

Also read interviews from people who have their own style and fashion identity and what they think defines a good product or brand. Being chic is a lifestyle but being shady is a choice!

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