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Spring 2020 Is All About Scarves

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Spring 2020 Is All About Scarves

Something happens to you when you get older. It’s a creeper and no one talks about it. Without warning and totally out of the blue, you start buying scarves? They are the security blankets of the older woman. As if your outfit would be missing the piece de resistance without it? Then you get this almost irrational fear if you decide to leave the house without one….What if I get a COLD NECK?

I actually realised how savvy a scarf was, when I bought my Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse. More versatile than most friends, I have fallen asleep wrapped in it on countless occasions; will never travel long haul without it (as it’s light enough not to interfere with my baggage allowance and also weightless enough not to annoy me) and I can use it as a pashmina, sarong, head wrap or just wear it as a scarf.

Now the scarf has been adopted by men, with rappers the first to throw caution to the wind and raid their Gran’s dressing up box! A$AP Rocky who’s style is undeniable, has dipped his toe in these silky waters for some time now, wearing a babushka as a way of adding theatre to his vibe.

Spring 2020 has seen many designers leave the sport luxe trend behind and try to get back to a more clean and refined aesthetic. The easiest way to do this is to invest in a great scarf. The other great thing about them is you can wear anything and it’s an easy way to instantly update a band tee or your basic everyday wardrobe.

Once you have one, it’s unlikely you’ll need to buy another one ever again, unless you’re a hoarder, in which case you might need one in every colour, to go with every outfit….just saying!

Image; H&M scarf and vintage Celine scarf. Scarf ring Hermes link below.||

Main Image; Left-right; Louis Vuitton, vintage Christian Dior, Matthew Williamson, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, vintage Hermes, vintage Christian Dior, Gucci.

H&M Scarfs;

Gucci Scarfs each £200;

Hermes scarf;||Category

Christian Dior scarf;

Alexander McQueen scarf;

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