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Swoon Over Silver Sneakers

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Swoon Over Silver Sneakers

One of the most sought after sneaker brands of the moment is undoubtedly Golden Goose Superstar. All rough and ready and garnished with hand finished scuffs, that would make any normal ‘sneaker-pimp’ ask for a discount, they are well and truly special. I have been a fan of metallic trainers for 25 years, so when I saw these Superstar C16 at £335 I was sceptical.

They do come up a little big due to their Italian sizing (so I went down a size) but they look great, are seriously comfortable and you can buy them for the while family. On the shady front, if they are out of your price bracket, I picked up a pair of Reebok Heritage in silver from TK Maxx recently for £30 and I love them with the same level of enthusiasm!

Golden Goose Delux Brand Superstar sneakers;

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