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Crystal Clear, How Crystals Went Mainstream

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Crystal Clear, How Crystals Went Mainstream

I remember when I first went away on Brownie camp as an inquisitive 8 year old. I was given a camera and 2 rolls of film and came home with lots of images of trees and rivers and laden with rubble and rocks. My mum was confused as she couldn’t see the method in my madness but at a young age I was always drawn to nature and everything that came from the Earth.

For centuries we have used minerals for all manor of things but nothing so much as the quartz crystal. More frequently used in watches to maintain the time through harnessing a precise frequency standard, quartz, when placed under mechanical stress can produce electricity. Is it any wonder then that bohemian believers have started to place crystal all around their homes and offices in a bid to create a more settled, centred and balanced energy field in their day to day environment.

A selection of crystals . Image not owned by chic and shady. No copy-write intended.

While the pragmatists among us may scoff at the idea of crystals alleviating any ailments, scientist at the Moscow Institute of Science and Technology released a study in 2014, suggesting that anisotropic crystal was found to fully absorb electromagnetic radiation. The benefits of crystals are undeniable.

Myself not fully understanding the concept of chakras, when looking at their supposed holistic nature, crystals have been used by various ancient cultures within ceremonies for thousand of years. Within both Buddhist and Hindu culture their teachings and beliefs also align themselves with the crystals natural healing abilities. Other civilisations including the ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Japanese and the Egyptians all incorporated the crystal into the believe systems, not only as protective amulets but also when burying their dead, attracting good health, fortune, prosperity and remedies during acupuncture.

When taking these things into consideration it’s hard to argue against the crystals possible power? Let it never be said that the diamond is not a girls best friend. Our favourite celebrities have also started to use crystals to emphasise their spirituality, David and Victoria Beckham, Adele, Kate Hudson and Katy Perry to name a few.

Crystal display at Selfridges London Dec’ 2016
Vintage natural crystal necklace
A selection of vintage diamond rings and a calming vintage amethyst and diamond ring

For a couple of years, I too have had a large amethyst next to my bed. Thought to relieve stress, anxiety, addiction and negativity (amongst other things), I can admit it wasn’t a planned purchase. Walking around TK Maxx home I saw it sitting on a shelf and thought it looked pretty. The idealist in me saw the benefits almost immediately. This was during a period of extreme anxiety which saw me up and out of bed around 3 times a night and suddenly my sleep did improve. I went to work in my high fashion corporate office and spoke to my colleges about my new purchase, at which point 3 of them whipped these tiny crystals from their bras as if it was ‘a thing!”

In short the crystal culture isn’t for everyone but I do like to dream and can accepts that we are very much guided by our energy and the energy of others. All I say is that if you believe in something then there has to be a strong reason behind it but for those of you who are non believers, it might just be a good excuse to buy some new jewellery.

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