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Why A Quarantine Is The Perfect Time To Get Over Your Ex


Why A Quarantine Is The Perfect Time To Get Over Your Ex

I have always believed that when you split up with someone you have to keep yourself busy. My version of that usually involves travelling or lots of exercise but stuck indoors for 3 months might just be a eureka moment for broken hearts everywhere? 💔

In today’s reality it’s so easy to continue to indirectly see what your ex is doing, as social media allows us to pry into their lives. You only have to go on Facebook, Instagram, Linkdin or any other social media platform to get a pretty good idea what they may be up to. That is if you still care? While social media has allowed us to ‘ghost’ past flings and relationships we’d like to forget, it can be really difficult if you are heartbroken and just need to let go.

While some people will never fully leave you emotionally, the physical distance brought on by this global pandemic, may just have some up sides. Nothing says ‘closure’ like 3 months of social distancing! While the Corona epademic has brought the entire plant to a grinding holt, it’s a great time to focus on who you are and what gives your life purpose.

Coming out of an emotional attachment myself, I started the pandemic swilling lots of wine, waking up late and just didn’t get into a good self care routine. Week 1 off work I was just exhausted. By week 2 the late nights and gin and tonics had started to have a negative affect on my skin. By week 3 I had replaced all the juices and teas I would normally be drinking at work with vodka and whisky soda’s.

Strange, but at first I didn’t realise I was indirectly hurting. On self reflection I realised I was desperately missing someone who I couldn’t see and could no longer be with. I stayed in bed a lot and although I didn’t get emotional, I have decided to focus on my growth.

The first thing I did was remove my hair extensions… a big deal as I have been wearing them for 27 years… I’ve started learning French and I stopped all the drinking. I can feel myself growing, letting go. It’s going to be tough as everyone want to feel a part of a something but in hindsight this person who I had shared myself and my life with just wasn’t right for me. My sucker punch mantra will always be this; If they were right for you they’d be with you. It’s as simple as that.

For all the excuses we make for ourselves and the person we yearn for, the truth is that words are cheap and a persons true feelings for you are shown in their behaviour. If someone wants to be with you they wouldn’t risk loosing you….pandemic or not? 😷

It’s going to be a long 3 months but each day i’m more thankful that I’m able to spend this time getting to fall in love with me again. As a single woman the road may be long but no ex is as good as self love feels.

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