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20 Handy Tips To Get You Through Isolation

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20 Handy Tips To Get You Through Isolation

Now more than ever it’s a great feeling to be at home. Where before the global lock-down we all had elements of F.O.M.O (fear of missing out), constantly on the run, making arrangements, there is something almost sacred about what were are experiencing.

As we watch on-line, listen to podcasts, immerse ourselves in documentaries and Netflix marathons, there may be some of us with a less hospitable home environments.

Here are a few things you can try that I have found really effective at lifting my mood;

1; Talk to your loved ones and message your friends. You can even call or contact people you know are alone as they may have been forgotten. It’s something that can often be taken for granted but trust me when I say… the relationships you nurture now will be iconic.

2; Drinking lots of tea. It might sound strange but the history behind the practice offers contemplation and allows me to switch off. In fact right now there seems to be an undercurrent that thousands if not millions of people are suddenly experiencing this need for refection. Try buying anything for a silver service right now and the bidding wars are ridiculous?

3; Taking hot baths and showers but with the “full works!” When I say full forks I mean the best soap you can afford for your skin. Good shampoos, bath salts, oils, bubble-baths with candles. I mean with icing on the top. By the time to come out your skin should feel amazing.

4; Make a meal of breakfast. If you want to really enjoy your day start with a good breakfast and take your time. If you have a family make sure you use this time to sit around the table and share this moment together. Live in the moment at the start of every day.

5; Smell good. Yes this has been amazing for my mood for to smell amazing is to feel amazing. I have even found a bunch of perfume samples and I am spraying myself a couple of times a day. It’s instantly calming.

6; Read, read, read, watch on-line seminars, grow. This is the only time you can learn as much as you have always wanted to about any subject. It’s a priceless moment in time! I have used this opportunity to immerse myself and escape for a while.

7; Cook when you can if not snack on fruit. I am a person who believes in the goodness of food but left overs don’t quite taste as good as when there in a Tupperware box at work the next day. In short you won’t always feel like cooking as this is a never ending cycle. If you want a couple of nights off make sure you can get some fruit, juices, cheese and crackers or even yogurts. This will definitely make sure you take a slower pace every few nights!

8; Wear your favourite thing. Simple and you’ll feel good. Your favourite jewellery , favourite t-shirt, socks, sweatshirt, lipstick, anything! You’ll find yourself smiling and feeling more relaxed.

9; Go natural. It’s not gone unnoticed that David Beckham, Kylie Jenner and a host of other high profile stars have gone natural. This liberation is undeniably freeing. When considering what is natural you can interpret that in a more physical sense, taking note of how things feel to the touch or how things make you feel? It’s important to embrace how things feel at the moment, as being in isolation gives you the opportunity to be your truest self.

10; Be creative; Play an instrument, paint, write a song, write poetry, film something, bake, document your days. Anything!

11; Exercise; I have been skipping, doing light aerobics and taking long walks. This brief moment has helped but on the days I can’t go outside I make sure I do some inside. There are also great sessions you can follow online. My favourites so far have been

12; Go to bed when you feel tired. This means essentially, try to enjoy this time out. Give yourself time in the evening to slow your pace. Light candles, have a glass of wine, prosecco once a week if that helps but wind down in style.

13; Get to know your partner again. When I was in an 8 years relationship years ago I found that sometimes we just couldn’t see eye to eye but we had a rule that we would never sleep on an argument. This made things very interesting but we were also able to work on things. Massages are a great way to get to know your partner as you have to be soothing and put them in a relaxed state through your touch. By doing this with some basic oils you can have a really sensual and tender moment while you are isolated together.

14; Talk to your loved ones and message your friends. It’s something that can often be taken for granted but I can assure you that the relationships you nurture now will be iconic. Zoom, zoom, zoom.

15; Play games. This can be any games but cards or board games are the best. If you can try games that involve team work as this will make you feel more relaxed around the people you are locked up with.

16; Buy flowers, tend to a house plants or garden. The time you spend keeping something natural alive will really feel rewarding at a time of isolation. If you need to sing to your cactus i’m all for it! I’ve made weekly trips to Aldi and for as little as £1.79 each week it has made a massive difference to my home environment.

17; Play music and dance! You don’t need a lot of space for this one you just need enthusiasm. Once you have done this for a few minutes your increase in endorphins will definitely lift your mood.

18; Treat yourself; I bought some fancy caviar from Waitrose for £2.40, some epsom salts and good gin. It’s as simple as buying something good you wouldn’t normally buy and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I bought something good for me health, something good for my skin and something good for my soul. Treat yourself to one shady good thing!

19; Take regular breaks; For those working from home or looking after the home with kids and a partner in toe, it’s a good time to pace yourself. This is for you sanity and also because it allows you to be fully present. This could mean switching off your phone at a specific time of day. This will help you feel more centred.

20; HAVE FUN!!!

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