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How To Move Forward If You’ve Lost Your Job…


How To Move Forward If You’ve Lost Your Job…

In a World that has shifted in the most shocking way since the mid 40s millions of us are currently uncertain about our futures. Those who have lost their jobs, will undoubtedly be feeling overwhelmed and may be also be feeling a sense of despair. Having been in this situation in the past, I managed to move forward by allowing myself to own how I was feeling in the first instance. I cried and really re-evaluated my life, my skills and tried not to let it destroy my self esteem. I also reminded myself that I wasn’t defined by my job, which was actually really hard. By doing that I was able to gain some perspective. I stopped looking at this failure as a personal attack and saw it more as an opportunity for change, growth and shifting my life in a direction that would be truer to my identity and my goals.

I was very scared. I have no direct support system and no family to rely on, so this was very isolating. I had to find an inner strength to enable me to move forward. I was also very depressed for a period of time and lost my sense of purpose. If you are feeling any of these feelings, this too shall pass.

J.K Rowling’s quote is a great leveller, as she highlights that you can still have the life you want when everything around you seems unachievable. By letting go of the embarrassing social stigma of not having a job, I was able to forge a future for myself by focusing on what I was good at and doing that. I applied for my dream management job (and got it) and built this website with my free time. The impact of the corona virus has been catastrophic for many homes and businesses but we have to have hope and some faith that there will be brighter days to come.

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