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The IT Revolution & The Pandemic of 2024 (Fictional short story)

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The IT Revolution & The Pandemic of 2024 (Fictional short story)

It was a cold December morning in Wuhan and a young bio-chemist was just waking up to the breaking dawn. He was tall, around 6 foot 2 inches with a slight frame and dark brown hair and eyes. His chiselled features were striking but not too unlike everyone in his immediate social circle. 李伟Li Wei was citizen 4M358. He was only 26 years old. As he lay in bed for a few moments he felt comfortable, wrapped tightly under the covers but he knew he needed to be on his way. As he got out of bed he smiled, the cogs of his new mission were in motion.

For breakfast he simply drank a cup of matcha tea and would sit in contemplation for 5 minutes but first he needed a shower. He walked across the hall towards his bathroom and with a single swipe of his hand across a digital control panel, activated the ‘Kett-tech’ in his kitchen, which simultaneously made his tea and turned the water on in his shower, to his optimum desired temperature of 45c. As 李伟Li Wei walked into the wet room, he felt the hot water on his back and thought about the impact of the day ahead, knowing that what lay ahead, was about to change the world.

It took 20 minutes door to door for 李伟Li Wei to get to work. Along a quiet river, lined with luxury apartments full of the super elite, the sky was bright and the river was clear with large Koi carp swimming merrily in the water. The warm sun tingled 李伟Li Wei’s skin as he arrived at the entrance of his work. He felt hopeful as he walked confidently into the foyer of his Bio-tech building. As he entered he nodded to the receptionist, a pretty girl called 李静 Li Jing who was citizen 4M-903, around 100lbs, with brown eyes and pale skin. As he got closer she made eye contact for 3 seconds. “Morning 李伟Li Wei” she said with a generic smile, “Morning 李静 Li Jing” he replied. She looked back at her screen and carried on typing.

李伟Li Wei worked in the sub basement of the chemical compound labs and was getting more anxious by the second. His temperature had risen by 0.5c and his heart rate had increased to 110 beats per minute. As the lift descended he reached out his hand to scan the panel on the wall in-front of him. As he did so, a familiar face came up on the screen, it was his mentor Silas-1, a synth that had originally hired him for the job 16 months earlier. “Morning 李伟Li Wei” the synth said with a warm smile, “Morning Silas-1”, 李伟Li Wei replied as he got into the lift.

In the sub basement the temperature was controlled and so the first thing 李伟Li Wei had to do was step into a sterilisation chamber. The air cleaned his clothes and he had to put on a face mask, gloved and a body suit. The air was clear and light on his lungs. As he stepped out of the chamber he went into an air-tight facility and was scanned from head to toe. Perfect. He was now ready for his mission.

At around 10:30am 李伟Li Wei was called into a final protocol meeting with Silas-1 and 4 other Bio-tech colleagues, to sign off the contracts. Also on conference calls were all the major leaders of the world. Russia, America, the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Africa, Australia and many other leaders signed a treaty to comply with this historical biological event. These leaders knew they couldn’t fight it because of an even greater threat to the survival or mankind in the way of climate change. With years of research the evidence was clear, humanity was now in it’s final phase and the only way the World would survive was through mass deceleration of populations through a man made disease.

李伟Li Wei and his team had worked on a eugenics program which sought to reduce the population, of those they deemed a drain on society. They had designed a bacterium which attacked the red blood cells of those with sickle cell anaemia which they called Babel-XX. Their pathogen would attack a weaker host exhibiting less healthy red blood cells, by starving remaining cells of oxygen and accelerating the process of death through pneumonia. But the leaders had to agree on an approach and the only safe way to ensure the safety of those they wanted to save was to shut down society. World leaders agreed to this global move and the news was announced. To ensure the planet took it seriously everyone was told to stay at home. By the time the protocols were complete a new world order would be in place and 李伟Li Wei was the agent assigned to the final task.

李伟Li Wei had taken a pathogen blocker along with the rest of his team, to make sure they weren’t affected by the virus they were about to unleash. 5 years of research and experimentation had lead to the blue print that would reshape the world. The team of virologists had used the bacteria found in a herd of dead Siagas antelope, that had suspiciously died across the plains of Kazakhstan in 2014 to create pathogen Babel-XX. By harvesting the bacteria which suffocated 60,000 animals in 4 days, scientists at Bio-tech created a human strain of the virus that could pass rapidly, and almost perfectly, by combining it with a virus already prevalent in society. Babel-XX could be passed like flu with the greatest of ease if combined with SARS. What better virus than the flu. The lab then incubated red blood cells infected with auto immune disease that had no vaccination. A new metamorphosis was born.

Nothing was as scary as this and 李伟Li Wei knew that many would die. He was playing God but was in line to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He had worked for so long to realise the dream that would shape his credentials as a leading scientist and his day of reckoning had come.

At 12:30pm 李伟Li Wei left the office and turned to have a final look at the beautiful glass structure behind him. He walked towards the city centre amongst all the commuters and workers on their busy lunch breaks. By the harbour was a bridge which connected the bio-centres to the largest train station in the region. 李伟Li Wei looked everyone in the eye as he walked the short distance across the bridge. As he smiled he was very visible to them, in his navy blue lab uniform, instantly recognisable with it’s Bio-tech logo on the left side of his chest. But behind his smile lay something far more sinister as he imagined each person’s lungs filling up with poison, as their final breath was sucked out of them.

As he entered the station the first vile was released into the air of the main forecourt at 1:00pm. His palms were sweaty but he was careful not to drop the glass tube as he gently released the safety cap. A young lady and her husband were waiting to buy a train ticket as they turned to 李伟Li Wei and smiled. He nodded in recognition and checked his watch. By the time he left the station at 1:05pm the 3-400 passengers would be travelling across the country spreading the virus as they went. 李伟Li Wei had 3 more to release across the city. He hurried to Tianhe International airport and on his way stopped at Guangzhou’s general hospital, walking from floor to floor, releasing the pathogen into the corridors before disappearing via the emergency exit into the dirty back alley.

At Tianhe International 李伟Li Wei sat next to a business man travelling to Switzerland on a 5’o clock flight. They struck up conversation and the man was totally unaware of the vile that had been opened by the nice man, in the blue lab uniform he was talking to. Hans Fitzroy, citizen 4M291 shook 李伟Li Wei’s hand as he bid him farewell, stood up and walked to his boarding gate. It was to be his last flight, as 6 days later he was dead.

The last vile was taken to the red light Shenzhen market district. A restaurant known for it’s high level of tourists was to be the final mission. As the night drew to a close, groups of people walked leisurely through the streets, unaware of the fate that would soon follow. 李伟Li Wei found the restaurant, sat down and ordered a cold bottle of Tsingtao. His phone rang, it was Silas-1. The time was 10:37pm and his day was almost coming to an end. “Good Job 李伟Li Wei. Congratulations on completing your mission,” said Silas-1. With that he received a 12 digit pin that he would use to transfer the 100,000,000 BTC crypto payment for his services to Bio-tech. He finished his beer, left a 100 yuan tip and walk into the brightly lit street towards the canal.

A few weeks later on January 17th 2025 the first news anchors released the story of a seasonal cough. No one really took it seriously but soon the propaganda started to scare people everywhere. The bio-war had started and would keep the population housed, while tech companies got to work erecting the IT infrastructures that would advance communication. Virtual reality, augmented reality, phone tapping and track and trace around the world, ultimately increasing governments visibility to watch every citizen far and wide. While families clung together and governments released clever messages for people to stay at home. This propaganda was used to divide and concur and was the single most significant humanitarian agenda of the 21st century.

Not long after the first sightings the virus claimed lives. Hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of people started to fall sick from being locked inside. The first affected had weak immune systems from a lack of vitamin D and the poor were sick from malnourishment, due to limited food resources. Babel-XX was the beginning of the global shift and the pandemic was the start of the technology overhaul that defined the new industrial revolution.

Many laws were passed under lock and key and all while nations played games and watched TV indoors. The most significant law passed made it illegal to have sex with anyone outside of your household which was key to the eugenics program. This was the first step in the establishment’s one-child policy under the new birth planning program, designed to halt procreation through mass hysteria and fear mongering. The new world order’s ultimate goal was to enforce population control. The second made every citizen an organ donor, increasing the ability of pharmaceutical companies to test on humans under the geize of humanitarianism. This would dramatically improve scientific research and boost the chances of developing new vaccines and control the spread of future man made pathogens. The excitement amongst billionaire business men was evident as they took to news broadcast encouraging the use of mass inoculation.

The first to adopt the new world order was Sweden. At the time, they were the only country in Europe that did not comply with the global quarantine rules. The Swedes went about their daily lives in the knowledge that they were of a different thinking. They were already advanced. They already had 5G technology, which had facilitated the smooth incorporation of human micro-chips on mass.

They had already started to move away from money, ID cards, keys and anything else they deemed cumbersome. Sweden was already compliant.
At the beginning of the pandemic governments ramped up their money manufacturing. Loans were encouraged and many companies went bankrupt. Debt was on offer for everyone and news stories reported people who were thankful for their governments intervention in giving them loans. The repayment rates were reasonable at the time and allowed people to eat but soon after the handouts were over, people started to loose their homes and many started to starve.

When people started to die of Babel-XX many places refused money, opting only for card transactions. They claimed the disease was transferred on dry surfaces and money was the enemy. The shift away from untraceable assets had begun and the poor were suddenly unable to make money unless it could be traced. Wealth creation was a thing of the past unless it had an algorithm.

Subtle changes in advertising started almost simultaneously when the pandemic began. The first Ads were about financial tech insurance. Seemingly innocuous, it paved the first wave of fear surrounding personal wealth security. Securing your money by insuring your data? As if your data could be lost, stolen or fabricated?

Something else was brewing, a black civilian was murdered. This was not an isolated incident but technology was key and billions of citizens saw it. Smart phones became more relevant than ever and sealed humanities trust in technology. An uprising started and the beginning of a shift which would ultimately erase history and erase free speech. While governments agreed to remove oppressive monuments, they tightened the laws to allow more oppression in workplaces around the world for people of colour. They took away the workers rights and put more black people in cages, only this time they erased them from society all together, by deleting their ID files.

Data became more lucrative and could be bought and sold on the black market. Dead millionaires suddenly resurfaced, their funds and assets bought as part of the package. No one was safe to live or die.

Anarchy and the anti establishment views of average people, encouraged the far right to rise up and the fear of civil war started to loom. But the fear of deletion kept lots of citizens quiet. The fear of the implications fighting the establishment could have on the individuals place in society was ever present. Such as the Nazi party before them, western governments increased the genocide of ethnic minorities, under the watchful eyes of the micro chipped masses. No one spoke out and no one did a thing and those who tried were censored and criminalised under the Treason Act of 2020.

The far left called for the old system of policing to be dismantled in place of military rule. This rule, although not obvious, was a ruse by the extreme left to control the masses and ultimately destroy democracy. These soldiers had new weapons that could collect data from every individual that they pointed their weapons at. Microchips had data of any previous crimes, road traffic violations, social security numbers and the personal data of every individual. The microchips detailed everyone’s date of birth, exact description and place of residence. The microchips had voice recognition data, tracked where you had been via GPS and recorded who you were with. To live was your only freedom and to lie was a crime.

One shot of this weapon wouldn’t kill you but would alter the points on your data record, affecting your chances of employment, your eligibility for housing and also had wider implications for your family and friends. It was a fate worse than death and the governments knew it. While the extreme right promoted sovereignty and division, the ultimate fascist utopia was technology

The next wave brought the fear of not being vaccinated, as tech billionaires raced to the bottom. Many people were unsure of the information and mis-information but compliance was as high as 80% and the governments were sent to increase revenue from IT systems through track, trace and tech entertainment. Under the old system time was an issue but under the new system civilians were encouraged to stay at home. Time became irrelevant and AR and VR ensured that life was an endless cycle of IT integration.
This fundamental shift created a new underclass. Those who weren’t chipped were denied facilities, denied property, denied progress and denied rights. They were black-listed by banks and denied health services available only to micro-chipped civilians. The new world order wanted complete citizenship and those who retaliated were incarcerated and erased from society. The system removed their lives from documents and their families were forbidden by law to mention their existence.

Many other laws were passed forbidding people from casual sex and the single child act was passed in 2026. Families were allowed 1 child, unless they could afford the £25,000 child tax enabling them the right to have a second. A secret underground network emerged. Women were giving birth in secret and papers were forged claiming their child tax had been paid. Those children who were taken from their families were sold for their organs and incinerated. New waves of disease and new waves of despair had begun and beneath the fear a stricter class system arose.

By 2038 the number of the Worlds population had shrunk by 25% as depopulation had seen millions die through systemic disease control. By 2047 李伟Li Wei was dead. He had eventually caught pneumonia from a lab rat that had bitten him while he performed a test for i-Tech, an organisation set up by virologists disillusioned by the Babel-XX program. The i-Tech Proton-V program was based in Russia and was set to revolutionise neurological data-downloading like never before.

It was a simple cough that eventually killed him, followed by rapid asphyxiation. A more deadly strain of Babel-XX which was passed through touch, as well as microscopic vapour particles. What went around for 李伟Li Wei finally came around.


Main image source unknown. No copy right intended.

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