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The Luka State


The Luka State

(From Left to Right; Sam, Conrad, Jake and Lewis)

Home is?….

Conrad: “Winsford North West Cheshire”

How long have you been a band for?

Conrad: “4 years but me and Sam started playing music together from the age of 11 years old.”

Who is you biggest inspiration?

Conrad: “I love bands like the Beatles, The Stones, The Jam, The Clash and definitely Nirvana!”

What would be your dream Gig?

Conrad: “Glastonbury Pyramid Stage….Headlining!”

Where do you get your style from?

Conrad: “The ‘Mod’ movement is a big inspiration for me. Also we try to look different and we try to look like a band. We don’t want to look like anyone else hence the mustard looking shirts.”

Why Camden Rocks?

Conrad: “It’s a great festival with lots of eclectic music and it has a great vibe.”

(The Luka State are currently touring and tickets can be bought online at

Mustard T-shirt;–suhavnbVrTJZC2UaXq4MTmfP66RoCGB0QAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

Mustard Shirt;

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