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Dress To Invest!

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Dress To Invest!

Anyone who knows me, will attest to the fact that I only buy quality and I hate to waste money. In our most uncertain time in recent global history, it’s really worth re-evaluating how we spend, invest or waste our money?

With supermarkets buckling under the pressure of greedy, panic-stricken consumers, are all the items that people are stockpiling really worth buying or would some of that money be better spent in the bank?….Toilet rolls anyone?

The reason I have always bought pre-loved or “savage bargains” is because time is money and once I have given my time to earn the money I am paid, I will never get that time back. This makes my purchases big or small, all the more considered.

Did it take me half an hour to earn the money to buy that shirt or did it take 2 days of my life that I will never get back?

If your employer handed you a pair of shoes after 3 days of going back and forth to work, would you be content or irate?

If you could spend just 1 day with a family member that has passes away, how much would you pay to see them again? Millions? Everything you have?

Was that shirt you bought worth a days work you will never get back? Was that purchase a savvy investment or did you just throw your money away? Remember time is money. What something cost may have very little value?

Money matters are sometimes pushed to the back of our minds, simply because we have so much else to think about. But with the Planet in free-fall and all signs of normal life gone tits-up, it might be a good time to take stock, stop stockpiling and remember less is undoubtedly more!

Image; Vintage horse-bit scarf H&M £5.99, Ralph Lauren blazer £45 Rokit, full length vintage Chanel duster jacket £180 Ebay and striped Balmain blazer £195 Selfridges sale (original price £2115)

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