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Fast Fashion? Why You Might Want To Curb Your Enthusiasm And Remember The Climate Crisis

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Fast Fashion? Why You Might Want To Curb Your Enthusiasm And Remember The Climate Crisis

Nothing stops you shopping for clothes faster than a pandemic. I have slowed in my clothes purchases and wonder whether I will ever care enough after this is all over? But it does raise questions, when we will come out of this in the worst debt in history.

One thing that is sure, is that the consumer industry will be doing as much as possible to get us back in the swing of things. With many fashion houses claiming to be on the brink of further disaster and indeed closure, how can we be as complacent as we were before time stood still.

I used to order so much from China and think that they are amongst the most skilled craftsmen and craftswomen in the World. However, when we have all gone from loyal, discount or impulsive to straight ‘needs-based’ it’s difficult so see how we can fall back into those bad habits of binge-shopping again? That is until you consider that on the first day Hermes reopened its flagship store in Guangzhou’s Taikoo Hui last Saturday, they took a record $2.7million in luxury goods sales. If you wanted to know what a recovery session at AA looks like that would have been a fair example.

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I’m not one to judge as I have been buying wellness purchases for 3 weeks now. Bath salts, face scrubs, hand creams, perfume, vintage pottery and healthier food options. Basically, anything that’s affordable to lift me mood.

The made in China disclaimer symbolises so much more to me now we’re in the middle of the global pandemic Corona virus 19. I for one haven’t forgotten that before we were fighting for our lives, we were fighting for our planet. Climate change should have been this but we have this anyway. So while we have this opportunity to think, wouldn’t it be great to go back to normal life with less stuff, more mindfulness and a planet that we can really enjoy again.

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