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The Pandemic’s Secret Silver Service Hoard!

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The Pandemic’s Secret Silver Service Hoard!

If like me you have tried to inject a point of difference into your daily life during this pandemic, you may have started to think of ways to inject some newness. The mundane nature of this repeating cycle has starting to wear thin 😳…. There’s also great uncertainty about what we will have to face when we come out the other side… Are you stressed?… I’m slightly hysterical!

One thing I did to cheer myself up, with the few coppers that I had, was buy some decent tableware; seeing as I was going to be looking at it 3 times a day for the foreseeable future. Turns out i’m not alone. Whether you think my assertions are high-brow or “first-world-problems”, online auction sites have reached ‘peak-bid’ as households across the UK grab the only things they can be sure to hold it’s value. When 2 weeks ago, even the price of crude oil plummeted to lows never before seen in industrial times, coupled with our uncertain futures, we can only be assured in silver and gold!

If you don’t have any money to buy large amounts of silver or gold that’s okay but the smart money is to buy any amount you can afford. At a time when the likelihood of stepping into a restaurant is a distant memory, bringing the experience home is actually really settling. Regardless of the sacrifice, if it came to a frivolous treat right now, i’d buy a piece of precious metal over a piece of fast fashion any day of the week.

Image; A pair of antique Edwardian sterling silver dishes from Ebay £60 hallmarked London 1907 (speculative value approx £160-£200)

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