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Ooze Kissable Lips Using A Simple Overnight Balm

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Ooze Kissable Lips Using A Simple Overnight Balm

Lips are big business at the moment with everyone wanting to exude a 60’s siren sex appeal that hasn’t been seen for years. I love trying new products so went to Vogue on line to watch various models and celebs tout their must have beauty essentials. My ears pricked up when I heard about Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, an overnight lip mask from Korea which was developed to optimise the water in the skin. I ordered the Berry and around 1 weeks later got my little 20ml pot.

Now to be clear…. my lips are so large, I have been asked whether they were natural throughout my life (#backhanded) and was once asked to have them photographed for a book cover; so i’m not the lip industries target market? But I will try anything once!

The result was an overnight exfoliation that left my lips ready and prepped to lacquer up with my chosen lipstick in the morning. My lips felt soft and the product worked.

I then found a good alternative for those on a shady budget? I bought this Vaselina Neutra Perfumada in San Sebastian Spain and put it on my lips before I went to bed to test the overnight results. The next morning my lips looked moisturised and fuller. People I am ready for a snog!

Links for both lip care products are below;

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